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Bubble Cpap System

Bubble Cpap System

Restohealth is a unique system that can deliver high flows of Air or Oxygen ranging from 1 to 15 LMP.

Clinical studies have proven the usefulness of high flow of gases when warmed at body temperature and humidified up to 99 to 100% relative humidity and delivered through nasal cannula. Heat and Humidity prevents airway water loss, airway cooling, thickened secretions, nasal irritation & bleeding.

The restohealth allows delivery of breathing gases heated to body temperature & at nearly 100% relative humidity by nasal  cannula without drying or cooling teh airways, which was not possible in the conventional bubble humidifiers.

Most respiratory diseases of the neonate occur as a result of the immaturity of the premature neonate's lungs. The respiratory system is underdeveloped and adequate gas exchange does not take place naturally, with this, there is a need for providing external respiratory support.

Some of the benefits of using Bubble CPAP are:

Restohealth effectively maintains Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) Most lung diseases  that lead to respiratory failure are commonly associated with a reduced FRC. Maintaining FRC is very important to premature neonates who have a greater tendency of airway closure when FRC falls below closing volume.

Restohealth helps reduce the infant's Work of Breathing (WOB). There is a decrease in infant's minute volume and respiratory rate with Restohealth. Chest vibratons are caused by teh pressure oscillations from the bubbling. These pressure oscillations are reverberated back into the infant's airway and may provide an alternate form of gas exchange through the principle of facilitated diffusion.

Restohealth may reduce the need for intubation and mechanical ventilation. The use of Restohealth avoided teh need for intubation, there by reducing the possibility of airway injury, aspirations and secondary infection associated with the use of the ET tube. It further reduces the need for mechanical ventilation that minimize the possible incidence of barotrauma.

Restohealth tends to reduce the incidence of Chronic Lung Disease (CLD)

Restohealth may improve non-pulmonary outcomes. Improved non- pulmonary effects such as the tendency to increase mean weight at 36 weeks corrected gestation, increase mean length and head circumference, reduction time to reach full oral feeds and average length of stay.