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Vein Detector

Vein Trace is a unique precision device to detect and trace the superficial veins on the human body for neonates / childeren and aadults thus reduce the stress on both the user and the patient. The Unique wand shape gives great comfort to the user on all kinds of patients and could be used with ease to locate the  smallest possible vein on the body superficially. It uses the RED LEDs with very good lumen efficacy with specific wavelength for better penetration into the skin and there by trace the veins, which are superficial on the Body. Thus-by reducing the risk of puncturing the body many a times, while giving the IV or an injection or collection a blood sample. In all the cases the patient or the user is happier because it reduces the risk of injecting the veins falsely. The Safest LEDs which do not have the UV or infrared radiation are used for this purpose. Vein Trace could be used to map the veins all along the limbs without any difficulty. The specific wavelength RED LEDs used emits the light and thus the veins are dearly visible to the naked eye.


  • Number of RED LEDs - 6
  • 4.8 volts rechargeable battery pack.
  • Charger for charging the device operating voltage - Universal.
  • Dimensions - 50 X 16 X 160 mm
  • Weight - 120 Grams.

User Manual :

Please follow the instruction as follows

  • See whether the charge is full by switching on the unit (never look into the light source directly).
  • If fully charged place the vein trace on the arem or limb as per the convenience and just push along the skin to tace the veins very easily. The optional holding band supports the user hand to use it comfortably.
  • The "U" shaped gap is where the vein is to be traced. And thus the syringe is to be pushed into the vein without many trials.

There are no clinically proven side affects with the vein Trace and teh LED. But general precautions are to be taken while using the same.

  • Never look into the LEDs (light source) Directly.
  • Do o operate the unit continuously for more than 5 minutes.
  • Switch off the unit whenever not in use.
  • Charge the unite for 3 hours before first use.
  • Remove the charge from the mains always to save the power.
  • Never connect to the charger and used the Vein Trace as it could lead to accidents.
  • Do not clean the transparent protective cover on the LED With any kind of solvents or strong detergents. Wipe it with soft and damp cloth only.

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